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An academic and novice in the crafts of managing and learning.


I am the owner of two cats
or perhaps, I’m only one who feeds
as they take time from their patrol
of dominions under their control?

I am a sailor, Erik’s helm.
Windswept, wet and always last
in every race that I take part
but revived the new week then to start.

I am the company on your way.
The friend who cheers, enjoys and laughs
at jokes you tell and time you give.
A waymark for your venture lived.

I am a moment, glimpse and wave;
the thought you had before you went.
I am a door that opens wide
as you return to warmth inside

I am a child, a foolish youth,
just starting out again once more,
upon a journey old, yet new:
life’s invitation and residue.


sailing, poetry, celtic christian traditions, films with happy endings, books that stimulate and books that provide me with characters with whom i want to spend some time